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It All Started With A Pair Of Bright Tights…

Brooke Blomer

While living in California, founder Brooke Blomer was introduced to the Brazil Wear brand. Their capris and leggings were nothing that she’d ever tried before. They fit extremely well, the cut was perfect for all shapes and sizes, the quality of the fabric was amazing and they were comfortable to wear the entire day. The colours and prints were like nothing that she’d really seen before, they were vibrant and genuinely stood out against all the black tights in fashion.

During visits back to Brisbane, Brooke was constantly asked where she got her leggings from because they were so different, vibrant and unlike anything they’d seen before. By this point she was wearing her collection absolutely everywhere – to the supermarket, the gym, travelling on the road or flying, walking, riding, hiking you name it! Frustrated by dull, unflattering and uninspiring ranges of active wear available for women in Australia, Brooke decided to start importing a range of products to Australia that not only look fantastic, but wear well, feel amazing and are so comfortable that you can wear them daytime, nighttime, anytime!

Fitness Wear With Flair (FWWF) was created so Australian women could enjoy an exciting range of active wear that they felt comfortable wearing after their gym workout was done. Fitness apparel has shifted to ‘athleisure’ where the line between when to wear and not wear ‘gym clothes’ has blurred. Fitness Wear With Flair provides an ever-expanding range of fitness wear that can be mixed and matched with a cute pair of sandals or heels and wear out and still feel comfortable and beautiful! It’s a carefully curated range of products we believe are versatile, comfortable, flattering and fun!

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